14th July 1457 - translation of the remains of Saint Osmund at Salisbury Cathedral

254px Saint Osmund colored statue I’m not entirely sure about this to be honest, but ‘Bell’s Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Salisbury’ says of Saint Osmund

Although his body and his tomb were moved to the Lady Chapel of the new cathedral in 1226, and his name adored popularly, he was not canonized until over two hundred years later.

Pope Callistus, the first of the Borgias, issued the bull on January 1st, 1456, but not, according to rumour, until ample funds had been supplied to facilitate his action. Some interesting correspondence relating to it has been lately printed in the " Sarum Charters and Documents," issued under the direction of the Master of the Rolls. The bull itself, in the keeping of the chapter, has been printed in Volume iii. of the great collection of Papal bulls edited by Cocqueline, and published in Rome 1743.

On July 15th, 1457, according to the authority of a writer in "Archaelogia," Vol. xiv,, the translation of his body was completed, principally at the expense of the bishop, a huge concourse of people being present at the festival.

From the plentiful accounts of miracles worked at his shrine long before he was officially canonized, there is but little doubt but that it had become a favourite place of pilgrimage.

He died in 1099, and in spite of his tomb being removed to the cathedral in 1226 and a stately shrine erected later, a stone with no inscription but a date of doubtful authenticity 'MXCIX' is all that commemorates him there to-day.[1]

‘Translated’ in this context seems to mean ‘the removal of holy objects from one locality to another (usually a higher status location);[2]’. Perhaps Osmund’s relics were transferred from one location to another within the Cathedral?


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