18th May 1891 - the 'Oddfellows' had their annual meeting in Salisbury

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On 18th May 1891 the ‘Oddfellows’ had their annual meeting in Salisbury.

T J Northey wrote the following:

The great event of the year 1891, was the meeting of the Annual Moveable Committee of the Ancient Order of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity), in Salisbury. The citizens determined to give the delegates a very hearty welcome, and succeeded in their endeavours.

The proceedings commenced on Monday, May 18th, but by the preceding Saturday the elaborate decorations of the city had been nearly completed.

In order to carry out this work a Decoration Committee was appointed, of which the chairman was Mr. E. Hale, and the secretary, Mr. J. Shelley Curtis.

Those responsible for the various districts were :

  • Market Place and Canal: Mr. J. Shelley Curtis, Mr. Fred Burroughs, and Mr. A. Crick ;

  • Fisherton: Messrs. E. Brittan, S. Perkins, and Hillier;

  • Castle Street: Messrs. A. Cox and S. Wooff;

  • High Street: Mr. W. Mullins, Mr. F. Highman, Mr. AV. Pearce, and Mr. Woodroffe ;

  • Catherine Street: Mr. E. Alexander, and Mr. F. Butt;

  • Minster Street and Silver Street: Mr, Haskell, Mr. E.G. Kiinber, and Mr. Snook.

On the Saturday there was a reception service. The Grand Master of the Order was at the function met by the Mayor (Mr. J. W. Lovibond), who was attended by the following members of the Corporation : Aldermen Hicks and Brown ; Councillors Grithn, Fullford, Woolley, Marlow, Pye-Smith, Parker, Waters, Hammick, and Williams.

Among the others present was the Bishop of the Diocese, who evinced great interest in the proceedings of the A.M.C. throughout the whole of the week.

Music was supplied at the reception, and the orchestra was under the conductorship of Mr. A. Foley. On the Sunday there were special services at the Cathedral, the parish churches, and Noncomformist places of worship. There was a special service at St. Thomas’ in the morning, when the Rev. H. G. Bogers occupied the pulpit. The Mayor and Corporation attended the Cathedral in the afternoon in the company of a large number of the delegates, who went in procession, headed ???. The sermon was preached by the Rev. L. B. Weldon, D.D.

In the evening the delegates walked in procession from the Market Place to the Congregational Church, where an excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. E. Hassan.

The business of the A.M.C. commenced at nine o’clock on the Monday morning, the meeting being held at the County Hall, where the Grand Master (Mr. Campkin), gave the inaugural address, which, on account of the eloquence of the speaker, and his masterly grasp of the details of his large subject, created a great impression upon all hearers.

In the evening there was a procession round the streets, and subsequently an adjournment to the Victoria Park, where a fete was held, the enjoyment of the spectators being somewhat marred by the bad weather.

The same evening a large party visited the Salisbury and Blackmore Museums, over which they were conducted by the custodian, Mr. Hill, who gave an intelligent and interesting address on the unique and valuable collections.

On the Wednesday night there was a banquet at the Market House, which had been beautifully decorated for the occasion by Mr. F. Simmonds. The Earl of Radnor was in the chair, and Viscount Folkestone was present, but the member for the city, Mr. Hulse, was unfortunately absent owing to illness.

During the week there was a “social evening” at the Red Lion Hotel, and other entertainments were provided with the view of making the stay of the delegates in Salisbury as enjoyable as possible[1]

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[1] The Popular History Of Old & New Sarum. T. J. Northy, Published by the Wiltshire County Mirror & Express Co. Ltd., 1897. Available digitally on the Internet Archive - URL: https://archive.org/stream/popularhistoryof00nort/popularhistoryof00nort_djvu.txt.