21st of June 1741 - Salisbury Cathedral spire catches fire

On the 24th June 1741 Salisbury Cathedral spire was hit by lightening and the interior timbers caught fire.

Peter Hall wrote the following in ‘A brief history of Old and New Sarum’ in 1834:

21st of June, 1741, a similar catastrophe threatened the whole fabric with destruction. About ten o’clock at night, a violent storm of thunder arose, and a flash of lighting was seen to strike against the upper part of the tower. The next morning the sexton was alarmed by indications of fire ; when it was ascertained that the electric fluid had penetrated through the wall, and set fire to one of the timber-braces. The flames had just begun to spread, the ascending sp wood, was commenced at New Sarum[1]


[1] A brief history of Old and New Sarum, Peter Hall, Published by W. B. BRODIE AND CO., CANAL.,

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