22nd June 1897 - Salisbury celebrates Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee – Day 3


After Monday 21st June 1897, which seem to have been a day of preparation, celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria resumed with a bonfires and firework on the Tuesday evening - the 22nd June[1].

A large number of people journeyed to Harnham Hill on Tuesday night to witness the lighting of a bonfire the size of which may be calculated when we state that over a thousand faggots, besides other materials, were used in its construction.

From the eminence named and other vantage points around Salisbury many fires burning in various parts of the county were discerned. Previous to the lighting of the bonfire (which ceremony was performed by the Mayor) a commemoration flight of 60 rockets appeared in the air, having been lit by His Worship’s eldest son.


[1] The Popular History Of Old & New Sarum. T. J. Northy, Published by the Wiltshire County Mirror & Express Co. Ltd., page 295, 1897. Available digitally on the Internet Archive - URL: https://archive.org/stream/popularhistoryof00nort/popularhistoryof00nort_djvu.txt.

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