23rd June 1885 - formation of Salisbury Cycling and Athletic Club

Whippet Safety Bicycle

On 23rd June 1885 a meeting was held in the Council Chamber to form a Salisbury Cycling and Athletic Club[1].

Mr Pinckney was appointed President, a Mr H. Sidford was Captain and Mr W.F, Folliot was the Hon. Secretary.

I don’t know anything about Messrs. Sidford or Folliot, but Mr Pinckney was probably one of the family of bankers who own Milford Hill House - most likely William Pinckney, who would have been 51 at the time of the formation of the Cycling and Athletic Club.

William Pinckney was a partner in Salisbury Old Bank and then a partner in the Wilts and Dorset Banking Company after the Salisbury Bank had amalgamated into the Wilts and Dorset[2] He was also a Director of the Electric Lighting Company, of the Swimming Baths and a Coffee House Company[3]

Cycling itself was changing at the time of the formation of the club. The first successful ‘safety bicycle’ was John Kemp Starley’s 1885 ‘Rover’. The ‘safety bicycle’ was one which didn’t have the distinctive large ‘Penny-Farthing’ style front wheel. Starley hadn’t patented his design, so according to Wikipedia ‘the safety bicycle completely replaced the high-wheeler in North America and Western Europe by 1890’.

If Wikipedia is correct, perhaps the founding Salisbury Cycling and Athletic Club reflected the popularity of the new models of bicycles.

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[2] The Wilts and Dorset Bank’s Brass Plaque is still in place on what is now the Lloyds building on the Blue Boar Row - see Wilts and Dorset Banking Company

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