28th July 1919 - Peace Pageant in Salisbury

There is a brief description in an article about processional giants in a journal called ‘Studies in Philology

St Christopher appeared in 1919 on the occasion of a ‘Peace Pageant’ at Salisbury of whch Mr Stevens was the Master[3].

The scenes presented in Victoria Park were preceded by a street-procession; in this way the older and newer forms of pageantry were combined.

The “prologue car” contained Fame, Time, the Five Black Sisters - representing the five years of war - and the White Sisters of Peace. The procession included the Tailors’ Revel; and the frolicking of the Dragon, or Hob-Nob, provided great amusement to the crowd. “Father Time himself forgot his years and chuckled when ‘The Tailors’ Revel’ (Bishop’s School) appeared, and it was only in keeping that the Giant, regardless of his bulk, jigged discreetly to the enlivening pipes and tabors.

[3] See Salisbury Through the Ages, the program of the Children’s Pageant at Salisbury (Salisbury[1919]), which may be found in the harvard University Library. this pamphlet is illustrated. The pageant it describes took place on 28 July, 1919 [1]


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