3rd July 1997 - the Independent reports that Gigant St brewery is closing

On this day in 1997 the Independent announced that Gibbs Mew was going to shut down its brewery in Gigant St, Salisbury [1]

The paper reported that

Gibbs Mew, the Wiltshire brewer and pubs group, best known for its Bishop’s Tipple ale, has decided to close down its brewery. The only real question is why it did not do it sooner. The brewery was clearly uneconomic to run and Gibbs Mew will save pounds 300,000 a year by shutting it down. It has also avoided splashing out pounds 500,000 on an essential refit into the bargain.

Local brewing rival Ushers will now brew Gibbs Mew’s beers, a deal which will help allay fears that Ushers is too dependent on a beer contract with Scottish & Newcastle.

[1] The Investment Column: Gibbs Mew to shut down brewery - Wednesday 2 July 1997 23:02 BST