3rd June 1884 - fatal train crash near Downton

Downton railway station in 1964 On the 3rd June 1884 there was a fatal railway accident between Downton and Breamore [1].

19th Century historian TJ Northey (who actually has the accident happening on the 10th of the month) writes the following:

a shocking accident occurred on the London and South Western Railway, to the train which left Salisbury for Weymouth at 4.43 p.m.

About a mile beyond Downton, near the College of Agriculture, after having just passed a well-known bridge over the Avon, the train by some means fell over the embankment (on the College side), and became a wreck.

Four persons were killed, and a number of others injured, the latter including Mr. Hillier, bookseller, of Fisherton ; Miss Kate Fawcett, Church Fields, Salisbury ; and Samuel Fennel, Wyndham Park, Salisbury. Among those who were killed was Mr. G. Waters, of Toyd Farm, Fordingbridge, a member of the Salisbury and Hindon Troop of Yeomanry[2].


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Downton Railway Station by Dave Bevis [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons