6th August 1903 - Buffalo Bill's Wild West show visits Salisbury

1280px-Courier_Lithography_Company_-_@22Buffalo_Bill@22_Cody_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg On 6th August 1903 Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show visited Salisbury[1].

The route for the first half of August was:

August 1 Plymouth 2 Sunday 3 Taunton 4 Weymouth 5 Bournemouth 6 Salisbury 7-8 Southampton 9 Sunday 10-12 Portsmouth 13-15 Brighton 16 Sunday

Pic: By Courier Lithography Company (Details of artist on Google Art Project) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


[1] Buffalo Bill_1903.pdf, URL: http://www.richardgeorgian.com/routes/Buffalo%20Bill_1903.pdf

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