6th September 1991 - the Symphony for the Spire

Jessye Norman  In Conversation with Tom Hall cropped (15952002266)

On 6th September 1991 ‘The Symphony for the Spire’ was held in the Close, in aid of the Salisbury Spire Appeal.

Pam Wall published a study of the appeal and wrote this about the concert

An extra effort was needed to achieve the full amount, and this came as a suggestion by Prince Charles to stage an event that many local people will recall: the Symphony for the Spire concert in September 1991. Using his own contacts, the Prince of Wales approached several well-known celebrities to give their time free to perform in such a concert, and they all agreed. The result was an evening of eclectic entertainment including pop music, opera, Shakespearean readings, classical music and more. Contributors included well-known personalities such as Phil Collins, Charlton Heston, Kenneth Brannagh and Placido Domingo. More information on this splendid event can be found in the exhibition.[4]

Kenneth Branagh recited from Henry V[1], Phil Collins played a short set[2], and there were performances by Placido Domingo and Jessye Norman[3].


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