Some photos of the flooding in Lizzie Gardens and Harnham Water Meadows.

This is a photo taken from ‘the Long Bridge’ that leads to the Town Path. It’s just to the right of where John Constable painted ‘Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows’[1]:

Salisbury Cathedral from the very Watery Meadows

This is the Town Path itself. Not sure if it’s clear from the photo but water is pouring from the western bit of the meadow on the right onto the path:
Flooded Town Path between Salisbury and Harnham

The very water-y Harnham Water Meadows looking from Salisbury to Harnham:
Flooded Harnham Water Meadows from Salisbury Elizabeth Gardens

Summerlock stream in Elizabeth Gardens has burst its banks:
Summerlock Stream Salisbury flooded

Finally a snap of the Big Church across the meadow:
Salisbury Cathedral across a flooded water meadow


  1. I did a post about the rivers in the painting here: Salisbury Cathedral from the Water Meadows – A Puzzle []

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