Not a very news-y selection of Salisbury links this week.

New Gargoyle at Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral stonemasons Matt Barton is going to be carving a new gargoyle for the Chapter House. An old one is ‘no longer fit for service’.

Salisbury School of Nursing 1980-1983 Reunion

There is going to be a reunion of student nurses of the early 1980s.

Salisbury Cathedral in Literature

Salisbury Cathedral features twice in the Guardians list of ‘Cathedrals in Literature’ – once for Hardy and once for Golding.

The Guardian piece has a lovely photo of ‘the Big Church’

Springtime Day at Ancient Technology Centre

This is a day of traditional activities, including ploughing, seed sowing, building walls, making Suffolk hurdles and nets and building a hayrick, at the Ancient Technology Centre at Cranborne on Saturday March 10th

Salisbury Country Way

A 60 mile route around Salisbury:

Salisbury writer Mandy Baggot video

Local writer and twitterer Mandy Baggot has a new video here:

Wiltshire Libraries e-books service

There are 1500-odd books on in the library’s ebooks service. You can download with your library card number and a PIN number.

The e-book self destructs when it reaches its due date.

Phil Harding opens the new Old Sarum Primary School

I don’t think I posted this before. You can buy Phil Harding Pop-Art style T-shirt and mugs:

Durrington Archaelogy Lecture

The Seven Year Itch at Salisbury Playhouse

I’m particularly looking forward to the ‘Seven Year Itch’. There a blog post from rehearsals here

More local websites

I maintaining a list local websites in and around Salisbury, and I’ve found some new ones to go on it:

Salisbury Big Business Event

Salisbury Council is running a ‘Big Business’ event from 23 – 25 April 2012

No more council funds for Wiltshire Heritage Museum

Tisbury gets nearly £1m from housing developer

The Salisbury Vision for The Friary

Breamore House and Countryside Museum

Breamore Houses series of events starts on the 9th April with a Specialist Plant Sale. The full list of events is here:

Breamore - The Hulse Family's Home

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