Wiltshire Warm and Well

Grants are available from Wiltshire Council for home insulation. People on low incomes can have the total cost paid but ‘everyone is entitled to at least a partial grant’

    Local TV for Salisbury….but not yet

    The Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has identified 20 towns or cities which will be ‘pioneers’ for local TV services. Salisbury isn’t on the list of 20, but it is on a secondary list of “a further 24 areas identified for a future round of licensing of local TV services”

      Wiltshire Council survey – what matters to you

        World famous artists at Wiltshire Museums

        Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre[1]

        has a post on major works of art in the counties museum.

        Salisbury Museum is mentioned in the context of the Constable exhibition:

          …but the post links to a very good BBC site which has more detailed lists and very good reproductions of paintings at:

            • Salisbury Library

            I wonder if this could be extended to cover works held in private hands which the public have a legal right to see. My understanding is that over the years people have avoided death duties on works of art by declaring that they will display them to the public on request.

            Stonehenge Chamber of Commerce Chair

            John Todd was re-elected as the Stonehenge Chamber of Commerce chairman

              Salisbury Cathedral and Handel’s “Messiah.”

              A nice account of hearing the Messiah at the Cathedral last week

                Royal Jubilee party in Salisbury

                  FA Cup Third Round Ticket Information

                  Come on you Whites!

                    Nether Wallop women publishes book to help community

                    Given the amount of typo’s on my website, I should be the last person to point on out on somebody elses website, but I did like the headline that started ‘Never Wallop Women’. It’s since been corrected


                      I found this on walking in the New Forest:

                        Stonehenge Winter Solstice

                        I posted details that I got from English Heritage about the Solstice access here:

                          Stonehenge and Pembrokeshire

                          It seems that a link between some of the stones at the Henge and a site in West Wales has been established. I’m not entirely clear what this changes in terms of our understanding of Stonehenge, but here are some links

                            Stonehenge, near Salisbury

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                            1. I think I usually call them the Heritage Centre – apologies! []

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