The Maltings, SalisburyI received an email from Salisbury Civic Society about the redevelopment of the Maltings.[1]. The company doing the redevelopment are Stanhope. They are running an exhibition about their ideas at the Guildhall as the first stage in a consultation process.

The exhibition is in Salisbury Guildhall at:

Sunday 9th December – 11am – 4pm
Tuesday 11th December – 10am – 6.30pm

After a bit of searching online I found an account of Stanhope’s thoughts about the Maltings in the minutes of the ‘City Centre Managements’ AGM.

If you’re at all interested in Salisbury’s re-development I would encourage you to have at look at the minutes.

The document is here, but in the interests of circulating the ideas I’ve transcribed what I’d see as the most interesting bits

  • The Mailtings is an opportunity to ampliy the point of difference. It has to be special, not just another shopping precinct.
  • Salisbury has an extensive and complex street pattern. It’s confusing but also one of its great assets. At the momenet visitors and locals are not exploring the entire city.
  • River linkages are a natural navigation route but the river is slightly bypassed. this development will pt the river right at the heart of the developme nt and use it as a navigational route through the city
  • Demographic imbalance. We need to keep young people here and bring them back to the city after thay finish university.
  • There is a poor sense of arrival in the city. Fisherton Street is a very important route into the city from the railway station
  • Views of the Cathedral Spire are vital as visitors must know where they are in the city.
  • It is very rare to have a shopping and leisure environemnt on a river . The river must be the heart of the development and there are some lovely places to benefit.
  • The Maltings development will not be covered. The route from the Market Square to the Maltings is going to be a vital link and needs to be something special. At the moment it’s a poor channel next to the library. The connection should be through the large central archm where the library is; therefore we need a solution for the library.
  • It’s very early days and is building up to a big consultation in the city in December. The consultation will be be a chance for everyone to come and talk throught the issues.

Reproduced with kind agreement of Salisbury City Centre Management, whose website is All About Salisbury


  1. The Journal has an item on the front page – I haven’t had a chance to read it yet []

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