tonehenge at sunriseSome links to some bits of Stonehenge news I’ve found over the last month or so.

Mike Pitts has summarised the recently published research on the different phases of Stonehenge’s construction – Stonehenge in five easy stages (or perhaps six) « Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

….and on the Novacaster website there’s a great animation of something similar – Novacaster Community: Stonehenge Construction Stages animation

Behaviour I wouldn’t want to encourage, but quite enjoyed reading about – an account of one of the members of the rock band Wheatus (I’m just a Teenage Dirtbag, and an Erasure cover made the charts) ‘invading’ Stonehenge at dawn
The Larryville Chronicles: Our Interview With Math the Band

I enjoyed reading this account of the last solstice at the stones – Making Friends at Stonehenge for the End of the World

I found an article in the Hagerstown (Maryland) Herald-Mail website about a new Stonehenge novel by an author called K.P. Robbins. It looks interesting in that it centres on the pre-historic engineers (or hengineers?). The website for the book is – The Stonehenge Scrolls

Another new novel proposes that Stonehenge was built to end the Ice Age – Edge of the Blue – Simon Mallon Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd.

A new non-fiction e-book on Stonehenge which claims to ‘solve the Neolithic Universe’ is available at – Stonehenge: Solving the Neolithic Universe

I might have posted this before, but there’s an interesting update on the work on the new Stonehenge Vistor Centre at: Stonehenge Project Update | English Heritage

Timothy Daw also has a post on the new Stonehenge timeline. He’s created a table of half a dozen of the differing chronologies – almost a timeline of timelines. Great stuff! The Chronology of Stonehenge – Comparison Table

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