I’m looking forward, as ever, winter solstice at Stonehenge. Although I’m not sure what the weather forecast is, and I’m not entirely sure how, of if, I’m going to get there.

My route from Salisbury to Stonehenge over the last couple of years has been to get the 6am bus from Salisbury[1] to Amesbury, then walk this way:
Stonehenge from Amesbury Walking Map

However, I’m not sure that will work this time – I don’t know whether I can cross the grassed-over A344. There’s general information about getting out to Stonehenge from the city on the ‘Getting from Salisbury to Stonehenge‘ that I wrote, but to be honest, this year, I’m not sure how it’s going to work. We’ll see!


  1. Although I’m not sure there is a 6am bus this year, as it’s a Saturday []

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