This is the final post in the series on my walk from Salisbury to Stonehenge to Amesbury for the Winter Solstice. This has a couple of more-or-less interesting photos that didn’t fit into the previous posts.

The first is the ditch. To be honest I’ve no previous memory of the ditch at all, although I knew it’s there from things I’ve read and it’s very visible in aerial photos.

Anyhow, I’m fascinated by the ditch. Stonehenge is literally ‘awesome’. It’s beautiful, mysterious and a bit scary. But the ditch is somehow more human. I could probably have built it, given the time and energy. Therefore I can imagine some ancestor in 3000BC doing the same.

Stonehenge Winter Solstice - the ditch

I like this photo of lichen (I think) on one of the Stones. It looks like seaweed on the ocean floor to me.
Lichen on Stonehenge
This is a picture of ‘the Cursus’ which is a huge, very strange earthwork. It’s shaped by like bit like an athletics track but it’s well over a mile long. It is believed to be older than Stonehenge.

It was difficult to make it out as anything other than an oddly shaped field in the snow, to be honest.

The Stonehenge Cursus

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