There are several ways to get from Salisbury to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is about 10 miles north of Salisbury.

The Stonehenge Tour Bus

Salisbury to Stonehenge busPerhaps the easiest way to get to Stonehenge from Salisbury is by the Salisbury to Stonehenge tour bus.

The bus picks people up from both Salisbury railway station, and Salisbury bus station. The bus station is in the centre of Salisbury

At the time of writing, the bus costs £17.50 for adults (as of November 2009), including admission to Stonehenge, . There are discounts for students and children[1].

Entry into both Salisbury Cathedral and Old Sarum is included in the cost of the tour bus.

If you’re traveling from Salisbury to Stonehenge as part of a small group, it can work out cheaper to get a taxi. Pat Shelley of Salisbury Guided Tours says:

If there are 4 or more people travelling together it is cheaper to get a taxi from the station than the bus. Always agree the price and time they are staying there. If there are only 3 people then the taxi is marginally more expensive, but they can leave luggage in the taxi while they walk around Stonehenge.

The frequency of the bus to Stonehenge varies with the seasons. It runs every 30 minutes in summer and every 60 minutes in winter. Check the bus company’s website for a timetable.

You can also get a joint rail and bus ticket – ask at Waterloo.

Bus from Salisbury to Amesbury, then walk to Stonehenge

A great way to get to Stonehenge from Salisbury, if you have the right weather, and the legs for it, is to get a local bus from Salisbury to Amesbury and then walk from there.

A return bus ticket from Salisbury to Amesbury costs about £6.50 at the time of writing (January 2012)

You could walk along the A303, but it’s both horrible and dangerous – I would strongly advise against it.

The route to take is to cross the A303 through the Countess Roundabout subway, then go across country. There are a couple of walking guides on line:

The map below might give you a rough idea of the walking route, but the OS version on the Visit Wiltshire link is better once you get there.

Stonehenge from Amesbury Walking Map

Buses from Salisbury to Amesbury

Buses in Wiltshire are safe and relatively pleasant. Salisbury bus station is a bit basic, but it’s in the centre of town.

There are a number of buses throughout the day.

At the time of writing it costs £6.50 return.

The buses which go from Salisbury to Amesbury are:

  • Route 1 – goes through the Avon valley, but there are only one or two a day and you can’t catch it both ways.
  • Route 4 – only one a day. The Activ8 is better.
  • Route 5/6 – every 30 minutes.
  • Route Activ8 – every 30 minutes.

The timings above are approximate and subject to change, PLEASE check with the bus company.

Walk from Salisbury to Stonehenge

I have walked from Salisbury to Stonehenge twice three times and it’s by far my favourite way to get to Stonehenge.

If you walk to Stonehenge you will have to cross the A303. This can be both difficult and dangerous. Please take care in doing so

Salisbury to the Stones is about 10 miles, and it’s fairly flat. The best routes would be through the Avon Valley. There’s a fairly quiet country lane, with a couple of nice pubs en route.

I’ve typically ended up walking alongside the A303, for half a mile or so.


Update:The cycle shop Hayballs in Winchester Street, near the Market Square now does cycle hire. Again the route I would recommend is to go up through the Avon Valley, but you still have to cross the A303, unless you double-back to Amesbury, cross under the subway then go off-road


The taxi fare would be about £20 to £30 each way. You might be able to negotiate for a taxi driver to wait while you look around Stonehenge, but you perhaps wouldn’t get much change from £100.

Coach tour from London

One way of visiting Salisbury and Stonehenge is part of a coach trip from London

I live in Salisbury, so this isn’t something I’ve done, but I did really enjoy a coach tour by a sister company of . I get some commission if you book a trip to Salisbury and Stonehenge (and Bath) through them.

Drive from Salisbury to Stonehenge

If you’re using a Sat-Nav, the postcode for Stonehenge is SP4 7DE. It’s on the A303.

If you go through the Avon valley, I would recommend the cafe at Heale House if you fancy a cup of tea and a cake. It’s certainly better than the catering at Stonehenge.

Hints and tips

A couple of miscellaneous points:

  • The Stonehenge site is very exposed to the weather!
  • The catering at Stonehenge is very basic – it’s better to plan to eat in Salisbury
  • The Stonehenge section of Salisbury Museum is very good – best to go after you’ve been to the Henge itself


  1. The admission to Stonehenge on its own, if you weren’t on the bus, is £6.50 so effectively the bus fare is £11.00. []

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  • John Ellis says:

    As a long time resident in his area, may I make some important points about walking to Stonehenge.
    1. Whatever the route you choose, YOU WILL HAVE TO CROSS the dangerous A303,
    2. Long distance walkers can walk throught the Woodford (Avon) Valley from Stratford- sub -Castle, Salisbury, joining Stonehenge Road, Amesbury about half a mile from the A303 crossing on the brow of New King Barrows Ridge where the Stones will be visible.
    3. Walking from Amesbury centre go all the way on Stonehenge road and NOT along the A303. It is safer, interesting and pleasant.

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