Hartington Road is off from the Devizes Road, which leads out of Salisbury in a north or or perhaps north west direction.

I’m not sure why it’s called Hartington Road.

Somewhat frustratingly, I think I found a reference to somebody called Hartington owning property in the Mill Road area fairly recently, but I can’t quite remember where.

The name ‘Hartington’ is perhaps best known as being one of the titles related to the Duchy of Devonshire. Georgiana, the ‘Duchess’ in the film starring Keira Knightly, and in the book by Amanda Foreman [1]. Georgiana would always have been known as ‘the Duchess of Devonshire’ because it is a higher title, but she was also the Marchioness of Hartington.

It’s some time since I read ‘The Duchess’ but I think I remember that the family used to call one of it’s younger members ‘Hartington’.

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  1. Coincidentally, at the time of writing I am listening to a podcast lecture by Ms Foreman about British involvement in the American Civil War. It’s very good, although I should probably say it is, quite rightly, rather harrowing in parts. It’s available here: Tales of Heroism, Tales of Terror: The British in the American Civil War – Amanda Foreman []

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