Salisbury fairThis looks really interesting – an evening of old film of daily life in Salisbury and South Wiltshire next Friday (20th September) at Salisbury Arts Centre.

The films have been collected by Trevor Bailey of the Windrose Rural Media Trust. The films will include:

  • Salisbury Market in the 1920s and 1930s
  • A 1950s film on Hill & Co. brush factory, Mere
  • Salisbury Fair in the ’30s
  • The Salisbury Giant
  • The Army on Salisbury Plain between the wars
  • Salisbury Coronation Celebrations
  • A Salisbury Cine Club film of the 1960s called ‘The Moonrakers’
  • Will’s Surgery – a film about cider making

There’s lots more detail on the films on Salisbury Studio Theatre’s website:

Those Were the Days My Friends at SAC « Salisbury Studio Theatre

but the evening itself takes place at Salisbury Arts Centre on Friday 20th September:

Salisbury Arts Centre

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