10th April 1534 - Salisbury Council decides to set up a workhouse

Contrasted_Residences_for_the_Poor.jpg At a Salisbury City Council Meeting on the 10th of April 1534, it was decided to set up a workhouse in Winchester Street:

“to hold and set to work idle people, so that there shall be none which be able to work that shall be suffered to go idly abroad, in begging; nor also any impotent person shall be permitted to beg abroad, within or without the city, dwelling within the city.”[1]”.

Image Credit

The drawing is by the architect Augustus Pugin. His intention was to contrast the old-style workhouses with the new proposed models. Neither drawing is of the Winchester Street workhouse - I don’t know if it was ever built - but I thought it was an interesting picture. Pugin lived at Alderbury for a few years and designed Saint Osmund’s church.

By Augustus Pugin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


[1] Quoted in The Popular History Of Old & New Sarum. T. J. Northy, Published by the Wiltshire County Mirror & Express Co. Ltd., 1897. Available digitally on the Internet Archive - URL: https://archive.org/stream/popularhistoryof00nort/popularhistoryof00nort_djvu.txt.