August 10th 1871 - Crown Prince of Prussia, Victoria the Princess Royal and the future Kaiser Willhelm II visit Salisbury and Stonehenge

On August 10th 1871 the Crown Prince and Princess of Prussia visited Salisbury and Stonehenge with their son[1].

The Crown Prince, Frederick, and his wife Victoria, the daughter of Queen Victoria had visited Salisbury before in 1861[2]. I don’t know whether their son had accompanied them on their previous visit.

Crown Prince Frederick went on to become Emperor of Germany, but he only reigned for a few months. He was the second Emperor in ‘the Year of the Three Emperors’[3].

The son was perhaps, and perhaps sadly, a more significant historical figure. The local historian TJ Northy says that the son was ‘the future Emperor of Germany’. The only son of Frederick’s that became Emperor was Wilhelm II, the ‘Kaiser Bill’ who took Germany into the First World War.


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