10th January 1226 - William Longspee returns to Salisbury

Ghost Knight, by Cornela FunkeOn 10th January[1] in 1226 Wiiliam Longspee returned to Salisbury after spending 12 months “with Richard, the Kings brother’ in Gasgoigne, defending Bourdeaux. He was ‘Received with great joy’

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The picture is an advert for the excellent book ‘Ghost Knight’ by Cornelia Funke. The pic is an affiliate link to W H Smith, which means that if you click it and buy a copy I’ll get a commission.


[1] T J Northey actually has Longspee returning on the 10th January [see TJ Northey - Old and New Sarum - I can’t currently lay my hands on the reference that says he came back to Old Sarum on the 10th