10th June 1668 - Samuel Pepys visits Salisbury

Samuel Pepys

On the 10th June 1668, Samuel Pepys stayed that night at the Old George Inn, now the Boston Tea Party cafe[1].

He had visited Old Sarum. The ‘prodigous’ ‘great fortifications’ did ‘afright’ him[2]

Full text

10th. So come to Hungerford, where very good trouts, eels, and cray- fish. Dinner: a mean town. At dinner there, 12s. Thence set out with a guide, who saw us to Newmarket-heath, and then left us, 3s. 6d.

So all over the plain by the sight of the steeple (the plain high and low) to Salisbury by night; but before I came to the town, I saw a great fortification, and there light, and to it and in it; and find it prodigious, so as to fright me to be in it all alone at that time of night, it being dark. I understand since it to be that that is called Old Sarum.

Come to the George Inne, where lay in a silk bed; and very good diet. To supper; then to bed.

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By John Hayls - Walthamstow Weekender (file), Public Domain, Link