10th March 2010 - the mummified hand goes missing

The Haunch of Venison in Minster Street, Salisbury.JPG On or around the 10th of March 2010, the mummified hand in the Haunch of Venison went missing[1].

The Haunch of Venison is one of Salisbury’s older pubs[2]. During renovation work in 1911, workmen discovered a mummified hand. I’m not quite clear exactly where they found it. People have speculated that it’s the hand of someone who cheated at cards - it’s been described as having been found clutching some 18th Century playing cards

Anyway, the hand was put on display in the pub.

It first went missing in 2004 before being ‘secretly returned a few weeks later[3]


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[2] The Independent has the Haunch as dating to 1326

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