10th November 2004 - Mick Fleetwood joins Fleetwood Mac tribute band on stage at Salisbury City Hall

On 10th November 2004[1] a Fleetwood Mac tribute band called ‘Rumours of Fleetwood Mac’ were booked to play at the Salisbury City Hall.

‘Rumours of Fleetwood Mac’ were and are a very well-established and well-regarded tribute act - they’ve played over 500 concerts.

The thing that distinguished this particular performance was that the tribute band was joined on stage by a key member of the original Fleetwood Mac - Mick Fleetwood.

To be honest, this hasn’t been the easiest thing to get information on, but I found a couple of references.

There’s an article from before the Salisbury gig in 2002 with the Scottish Daily Record:

Mick Fleetwood has yet to see the tribute group, but his mother Biddy has been to a gig - and she was very impressed. Allan [Allan Cosgrove, the drummer with 'Rumours']explains: "Mick is aware of the band and was trying to get to a show just before Christmas. Sadly, he couldn't make it, but his mum came along when we played Salisbury, their home town. "Biddy Fleetwood was knocked out and said Mick is dying to see us and will have kittens when he does.[2]

And then there is an interview with Cosgrove in a 2007 issue of Classic Rock magazine

Are any of the members of Fleetwood Mac aware of your band?

I managed to get some recordings through to Mick Fleetwood. He could have sent us to the lions, but he was over the moon. He turned up in Salisbury, his home town, one night and played with us. We can’t get a better endorsement than that[3]


[1] I got the date for this in a relatively sneaky way. I remembered that this had happened around about 10 years ago. I found a reference on an old Dorset Echo ‘upcoming gigs’ listing to a 2004 gig -this is the link, but when I tried it today it no longer worked. I then temporarily saved a photo from the Rumours website (RFM Salisbury 076.jpg) and looked at the jpg files metadata. It says the ‘Date Taken’ is ‘2004:11:10 22:59:42’.

[2] Rumours are well worth listening to. - Free Online Library

[3] Classic Rock » The Archive » September 2007 » Page 19 » CONTRABAND.