12th May 1953 - statue of Sidney Herbert moves to Victoria Park

Salisburys Sidney Herbert.JPG

The statue of Sidney Herbert was moved from outside Salisbury Guildhall to Victoria Park on 12th May 1953.

A document on the War Memorial for ‘Salisbury Vision’ explains:

In November 1952 the City Council decided that the statue would have to be moved in order to make room for the celebration of the Coronation of Elizabeth.

Alderman E.J. Case, chairman of the City Lands Committee argued that removing the statue would give more space in front of the Guildhall for civic and state occasions. Two locations were proposed: Victoria Park and, as an alternative, the grounds of the Council House.

Alderman Wort argued strenuously against the removal expenditure of £110, but the decision in favour was carried by 18 votes to 7, and the statue was moved to Victoria Park on Tuesday 12th May 1953[1]


[1] The Citizens’ War Memorial, Market Place, Salisbury History and Significance, Rodney Melville & Partners Ltd, July 2011