14th April 2013 - more Swing Rioters transported

Convicts_at_Botany_Bay.jpg On this day in 1831 another convict ship, the Proteus, left for Hobart with 14 Swing Rioters from Salisbury court.

The Capt. wrote

'Most of them are from the country, farm labourers, a few of them were artisans. Generally speaking they had the sturdy build of labouring men.

i Their awkwardness and stiffness were such that I became desirous of removing the embarrassment which their irons too evidently occasioned – not to speak of the danger of accidents to which they exposed them.

They were accordingly all removed before leaving Portsmouth; nor did subsequent experience teach me that this act of consideration and beneficence had exceeded the limits of prudence[1].'

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See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


[1] Proteus » Swing Riots & Rioters.com - Black Sheep Search, 1780-1900+