14th December 1688 - Willem of Orange reaches Salisbury

Dutch invasion - Willem III lands at TorbayOn 14th December 1688 the Dutch prince Willem of Orange reached Salisbury[1]. He was either leading a Dutch invasion or spearheading ‘the Glorious Revolution’, depending on your point of view!

According to T J Northey he was met with:

great rejoicings. The mayor and aldermen went out in state to meet him, and conducted him to the Bishop's Palace, an act of homage they had a week or two previously paid to King James. At the head of William's military escort marched Count Solmes' regiment of Foot Guards, with colours flying, drums beat-ing, hautboys playing ; next came troops of horse, with their kettle drums beating, colours flourishing, trumpets sounding, the officers shewing their courtesy to the people. The Prince of Orange, with the Prince of Denmark on his right hand, and the Duke of Ormondonhis left, came next. The windows of the houses in the street through which the gay cavalcade passed were thronged with people, applauding and weaving hats and bonnets ; the crowds in the streets kept up a very roar of cheering, and the bells of the churches clanged out their merry music to add to the welcome. It is said to have been one of the most remarkable sights ever witnessed in Salisbury — more remarkable than at Exeter — and it was one which we may be sure the people did not soon forget.[2]".

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