16th October 1328 - Parliament briefly meets at Salisbury

I know nothing about this meeting of Parliament beyond this paragraph in ‘Wiltshire Notes and Queries;

With reference to this Parliament we find the following notice in Mr. W. A. Wheeler’s useful little book, Sarum Chronology:

“1328 Parliament was summoned to meet in Salisbury on October 16, but shortly after meeting it was adjourned to “Westminster Hall on Feb. 9 following.” A. W. Whatmore. [1]

Update:In a book called ‘The functions of the Medieval Parliament’ there is a copy of some sort of proclamation about the parliament


Patent Roll, no. 170, m. 19

[Foedera, 11. ii. 752; Cal. Patent Rolls, 1327-30, p.323]

The king to the archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, knights and all others, about to meet at our immediate parliament, summoned at Salisbury. Since we are at the moment hindered by certain business that has befallen us so that we cannot come in person to this place this Sunday, and as we repose the fullest confidence in the great discretion and diligence of the reverend father Henry, bishop of Lincoln, our chancellor, and of our wise Master Walter Harvey, archdeacon of Salisbury, we appoint and depute them to begin the parliament in our name and to do the things which should be done for us and by us until we arrive there. And so we instruct you to be obedient to the Bishop and the archdeacon in the aforesaid matters in the aforesaid way. In witness whereof etc. Witness the king at Marlborough on the fifteenth day of October.

By the King himself.[3]

Later in the book, the author notes that:

This was not the only instance of adjournments from one place to another but they are rare. It is evident that it was not weasy to accommodate prelates and nobles, with their accompanying tetinues, at places outside Westminster or York for very long, and the local people found their sustained presence burdensome[2]


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