17th August 1792 - George III visits Salisbury

King_George_III_-_Gainsborough_1781.jpg On 17th August 1792 King George III visited Salisbury[1].

King George had presented the Cathedral with a new organ. Windsor Castle, which was one of George’s residences was then part of the Salisbury diocese. The organ is now in Saint Thomas’ Church.

Another story of King George in Salisbury is of his reaction on witnessing somebody climbing Salisbury Cathedral spire, for amusement[2]. He was expected to give the man some money, but:

King George III., with his characteristic common-sense, dismissed a man who had tried to entertain him with a like stupid performance on Salisbury spire, with the remark, "As the father of my people, it is my duty to reward those who save life, and not those who risk human life,"[3]


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[2] There was a tradition of people climbing the Spire at Whitsun

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By Thomas Gainsborough [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons