17th February 1268 or 1269 - the parish of St. Edmunds is formed

Salisbury Saint Edmunds in the snow.JPG On 17th February in either 1268 or 1269 the parish of Saint Edmunds was officially created, from parts of the parishes of Saint Thomas and Saint Martin.

A book of ‘Notes on St. Martin’s church and parish’ has this passage:

In a deed in the Cartulary of of St. Nicholas Hospital. dated 17th February 1268/9 relating to the foundation of the House of St.Edmund, Sarum, the bounds of each of the Salisbury Parishes are defined, St. Edmund being then severed from the older parishes of St. Martin and St. Thomas. from which it appears that the original parish of St. Martin extended from St Nicholas' Hospital to Winterborne Ford[1]

The year is given something like I’ve rendered it here. The 126 are as you would expect, then the 8 and 9 are written like ‘eight ninths’. I assume this means that the original document’s last digit isn’t quite legible.


[1] Notes on St Martins Church And Parish.JPG

Notes on St. Martin’s church and parish compiled by T.H. Baker. Published 1906 by Brown in Salisbury. Page 3 . URL: https://archive.org/stream/notesonstmartins00bake#page/2/mode/2up