19th November 1688 - James II reaches Salisbury

Landing_at_Tor_Bay.jpg On November 19th 1688, James II arrived in Salisbury. He was on his way to battle against the Dutch invaders, who were led by his son-in-law Willem of Orange.

Willem of Orange had landed in Torbay on the 5th November with an army of 40,000[1]. The fleet was four times as large as the Spanish Armada[2].

The King’s Army had been mustered at Hounslow Heath, but the forward forces moved on to Salisbury.

The King joined them on the 19th November - he stayed, I think, in the Bishop’s Palace in the Close.

Meanwhile, Willem had got as far as Exeter. He entered the city ‘on a white palfrey, with the two hundred black men forming a guard of honour, dressed in white, with turbans and feathers’[3].

Image credits

I got the picture of Willem’s fleet in Torbay from Wikimedia. There isn’t much info about the painting, other than a statement that it’s Public Domain. The page is here


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