19th September 1945 - the Times reports vandalism of Imber church

On 19 Sep 1945, The Times reported vandalism at the church at Imber: St Giles' church, Imber   geograph.org.uk   538488

VANDALISM AT IMBER Bishop to see Army Commander The Bishop of Salisbury (Dr. Neville Lovett) on Monday made a tour of the village of Imber (Wilts), and inspected the vandalism reported inside the ancient church and in the village in general during the period Imber has been under the control of the War Office.

The Bishop, at the end of his inspection - which included the church vicarage, schoolhouse, the court, and many other buildings - told Lord Long of Wraxall, who was present, that he was very much disturbed by the vandalism and stated that he was going to see the Army commander as soon as possible. Lord Long afterwards told the Press that no report had yet been received by the War Office, although two months had elapsed since the original public statement was made about vandalism at Imber, and about four weeks since he personally asked for an inquiry. Lord Long added that the Duke of Somerset, Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire, was supporting the claim that an inquiry must be held about Imber. [1]



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By Brian Robert Marshall, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link