21st September 1915 - Cecil Chubb buys Stonehenge

Sir Cecil and Mary Chubb

The BBC website says the following:

In the hands of Messrs Knight, Franck and Rutley, on the 21st September 1915, the historic site went under the hammer.

And Lot 15: Stonehenge with 30 acres of adjoining down land was sold at the Palace Theatre in Salisbury to the highest bidder.

Sir Cecil Chubb, who’d had no intention of bidding at the sale, bought it ‘on a whim’ as a gift for his wife who, it’s claimed, was none too pleased[1] .

However, it seems that the purchase might not have been entirely ‘on a whim’. Sir Cecil had engaged an agent, a John Turton Woolley of Woolley & Wallis, to act on his behalf at the sale[2] - this perhaps implies that he had thought it through beforehand!


[1] BBC - The man who bought Stonehenge

[2] Woolley and Wallis - Stonehenge Valued at £51 Million

Image credit

Sir Cecil and his wife Mary Chubb, possibly on board a ship. By Bain News Service (publisher) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. I really like this photo.