27th September 1937 - 'The New Picture House' opens

27 Sep 1937 - The New Picture House opened on the site of Salisbury City Hall.[1]

The ‘New Picture House’ was the successor to ‘The Picture House’ which had opened on the same site in 1916.[2] The original Picture House itself had been converted from an old chapel.[3]

The first films to be shown at the New Picture House were ‘King Solomon’s Mines’ and a Mickey Mouse short film.[4]

The Countess of Radnor [5]and the actress Nova Pilbeam [6]attended. [1] To be completed

[2] To be completed, but this was in the 2017 Sarum Chronicle [3] To be completed

[4] To be completed

[5] To be completed

[6] Nova Pilbeam was then a famous actress. She had starred in two Hitchcock films - ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ in 1934, and ‘The Young and the Innocent’ in 1937