24th April 2010 - Salisbury Journal publishes 'dog hurts nose' story

Tweets about the dog hurting his nose On the 24th April 2010, the Salisbury Journal published a story headlined ‘Dog hurts Nose[1]’.

The dog in question had collided with another dog-walker in Ringwood.

The full story ran as follows:

POLICE in Ringwood are investigating the circumstances surrounding an injury to a dog’s nose.

A woman was walking her dog and puppy, when her puppy ran off.

Her dog ran after the puppy but collided with a male dog walker and his dog.

The woman’s dog received an injury to his nose. [3]

As far as I could see, the story was heavily tweeted originally by people from Salisbury - typically along with a comment to the effect of ‘Isn’t my home town exciting!’

This got picked up by many other people. The Journal said shortly after the piece was published that the web-page in question had had over 130,000 visits[2]

Currently googling ‘dog hurts nose salisbury journal’ returns more than 74m hits.


This is a screenshot from Twitter.


[1] Dog injures nose - the update you’ve all been waiting for (From Salisbury Journal)

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[3] Dog injures nose (From Salisbury Journal)