24th February 1297 - Edward I quarrels with barons at Salisbury

Edward_I_E.jpg On 24th February 1297 King Edward I quarelled with his barons at a meeting in Salisbury.

King Edward had called the meeting to discuss his overseas campaigns and to command his barons into battle.

He ordered a number of his barons to go to Gascony to oppose Philip IV. The barons, responded that their duty was to follow the King into battle, but not to go to war if the King was was not leading. Since King Edward was staying at home they felt within their rights to refuse.

The King said to one of them ‘By God, sir Earl, You shall either go or hang,’

The Earl responded ‘By God, King, I will neither go nor hang.’

The Barons and Earls walked out of the meeting.

The King found that he wasn’t strong enough to move against the Barons, and on October 10th, 1297 issued the Conjirmatio Cartarum - a statement of his respect for the principles of Magna Carta[1].

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