25th June 2009 - Rosemary Hill's 'Stonehenge' published

On 25th June 2009 my very favorite book about Stonehenge was published - the imaginatively named ‘Stonehenge’, written by Rosemary Hill.

This is what I wrote when I read it a few years ago:

I recently read a book called 'Stonehenge' by Rosemary Hill. It's about how we have responded to Stonehenge over the last 1000 years or so. One day I'll get around to doing a proper review, but in the meantime these are my favourite 'learnings' from 'Stonehenge'.

  • The earliest written evidence of the existence of Stonehenge dates from AD937. A legal document transferring land from King Athelstan to Wilton Abbey used Stanheyeg as a boundary[1].

  • The oldest existing drawings of Stonehenge are from the 14th Century[2]

  • The first known photograph of the Stones was taken in 1853 by W.R. Sedgefield[3]

  • Woodhenge was discovered in 1925 by Group Captain Gilbert Insall, a First World War pilot, when he flew a single-seat Sopwith Snipe over Stonehenge[4]

  • John Wood designed the Kings Circus at Bath to explicitly reference Stonehenge [5]. The Kings Circus was copied in Exeter, Edinburgh and in London at Piccadilly, Oxford Circus and St Georges Circus in Lambeth[6]. The 'Circuses' "devolved over time into that favourite piece of British traffic planning, the roundabout"[7]

  • One of the stones fell over in a storm on New Years Eve 1900[8].

  • Charles Darwin came to Stonehenge in 1877. He used the Stones as a case study in his 1881 book 'The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms'[9]

  • At one time or another people have believed that Stonehenge was built by: the Romans[10]the Danes[11], , King Aurelius[12], the Belgae, [13], the Phoenicians[14], Merlin the Magician[15], and the Druids[16][17].

  • The average visit to Stonehenge lasts 20 minutes - this has I would hope changed since the new Visitor Centre was opened[18].

  • In 1983, Black Sabbath had a replica Stonehenge created for their 'Born Again' tour, but a mistake was made with the dimensions. The Sabbath 'Henge' was 3 times bigger than intended. The scene in the 1984 Spinal Tap, where the replica Henge is much too small seems to have been a coincidence - the Spinal Tap scene had already been written at the time of the Sabbath tour[19].

  • Samuel Johnson wrote that "Salisbury Cathedral and its neighbour Stonehenge are two eminent monuments of art and rudeness, and may show the first essay and the last perfection in architecture."[20]


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