26th October 1918 - Stonehenge gifted to the nation

On this day in 1918, Sir Cecil Chubb of Bemerton Lodge gave Stonehenge to the nation[1]

Sir Cecil and Mary Chubb Chubb had bought the monument in 1915 for £6,600[2].

In a ceremony to mark the handing over of Stonehenge, Sir Alfred Mond, the First Commissioner of Works expressed the gratitude of the nation and said:

This ceremony take place at a time which is perhaps a turning point in the history of our country. After four years of anxiety, toil and peril we see at last the sun of victory shining over the horizon. It is a good augury. Our ancestors have worshipped the sun when it rose. We today can turn our eyes to the sun of victory won so gallantly by the men who have gone out and fought and died for us

Cecil Chubb served on Salisbury City Council, was chairman of Fisherton House (which later became the Old Manor) and was a friend of the future George VI.[3]

Portrait of Cecil Chubb By Gina Percy and Tony Howe (A book called A glimpse into the Past) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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