27th May 1909 - English Clock Factory burns down

On 27 May 1909, The English Clock Factory in Tollgate Road, Salisbury burnt down[1]


[1] The Milford Street Bridge Project website says:

Until 1909, this was the site of ‘The English Clock Factory’, a highly successful firm producing watches and clocks. Owned by the London clockmakers Williamson and Son, under its German manager Herr Bley, the factory went from strength to strength.

Then, sadly, a disastrous fire in 1909 destroyed it almost completely. There was some recrimination locally. It was alleged the fire brigade’s hoses lacked water pressure because the factory, as you can see, stood on a hill. Although no one was killed or injured, it was a tragedy, because Herr Bley was employing several hundred local people in skilled and well paid work.
URL: http://www.milfordstreetbridgeproject.org.uk/content/memory-walk/stand-14-tollgate-road
The website also features a small reproduction of what looks like a postcard, which gives the date of May 27th 1909