28th April 1948 - Terry Pratchett's birthday

Sir Terry Pratchett 28th April is Sir Terry Pratchett’s birthday. He was born in Beaconsfield, but lived for a long time in Broadchalke, near Salisbury.

He helped promote some worthwhile things locally. These are the ones I know of:


[1] The Salisbury Journal, quoted on the Studio Theatre website reported that:

“Although Sir Terry often goes to see plays based on his novels, it was the first time he has been to see Going Postal performed by an amateur dramatics group. He said: ‘Some of them, like this one, have been done to such perfection. This was so well done that I wish I had written a better book.

It was a hard one to do. I think they had limitations because of the set and other things but their hearts were in it.

I loved the voices, because it has to be about the voices.

It was done so people could see it and have a lot of fun. If they wanted to do some more Discworld, I would be here in the front row.‘”


[2] The Chalke Valley Stores website says that:

Sir Terry Pratchett then declared Chalke Valley Stores officially open by cutting a string of sausages (what else!) with his sword. Finally local MP John Glen wrapped up a very happy and momentous occasion.

Grand Opening - Chalke Valley Stores

[3] The Salisbury Museum Website describes the book:

“Published in 2009, with a foreword by Terry Pratchett, the Civic Society’s book reveals much that is unfamiliar about the city, even to those who have lived in it for many years. Salisbury in Detail is available now from the museum shop for 15 pounds.”


[4] The ‘Life in the Bus Lane’ blog says:

The first encore saw them bring Terry on stage to thank him for the books, upon which he replied that if he’d known how good the album would be he’d have written better books, before sitting him down for the obligatory version of All Around My Hat (I think I prefer the Bad Shepherds version though).

Steeleye Span - City Hall, Salisbury - Life in the Bus Lane