28th July 1972 - Salisbury win Jeux sans Froniers

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On 28th July 1972 the Jeux sans Frontiers heat from Spa, Belgium aired on the BBC. Salisbury won with 44 points [1]


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[1] According to the JSF-GB website:

Team Members included:

La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) - Daniel Berget;

Hirschau an der Oberpfalz (D) - Albert Fuchs, Hans, Graf, Brittka Kopf, Norbert Lubert, Klaus Lugosz, Werner Marsheleck, Richard Mikler, Jurgen Rolich, Alfonse Sleur, Heide Spitmeier, Inga Stoiner, Maria Strugel, Rudolf Wiltz

Anglet (F) - Jean-Marc Gassier and Marcin van Setante;

Salisbury (GB) - Bill Toop (Team Captain), Bryan White (Team Manager), Paul Griffin, Michael Hayes, Roger Kelner, Sue King and Barry Pritchard.

Games: The Lifeguards, The Bakers’ Oven, Erecting the Aerial, The Hairdressers, The Plumbers’ Showers, The Haberdashers, The Waiter Service and The Painters;

Fil Rouge: The Chimney Sweeps;

Jokers: Professional Traders.

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