28th September 2008 - first baptism in Salisbury Cathedral's new font

Salisbury Cathedral Font, looking south.JPG

On 28th September 2008, the Archbishop of Canterbury baptized the first people in new Cathedral font[1]

The Salisbury Cathedral website includes this, on the font:

The Salisbury font was designed by the renowned British water sculptor William Pye. It was installed in September 2008 and dedicated by the Archbishop of Canterbury during the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the consecration of the Cathedral. Cruciform in shape, the font has a 3-metre span to allow total immersion baptism. It is a green patinated bronze vessel with a Purbeck Freestone plinth and brown patinated bronze grating. Water is the predominant feature, and here two contrasting aspects of water are woven seamlessly together. There is stillness expressed in the smooth surface which reflects and extends the surrounding architecture, while the flow and movement of water passing through spouts at each of the four corners and disappearing through a bronze grating set into the floor expresses its essential life giving properties.[2]

The sculptor’s website says:

Water is the predominant feature of this work, its surface reflecting and extending the surrounding architecture, while four smooth filaments of water pass through spouts at each of the four corners of a bronze vessel and disappear through a bronze grating set into the floor. The base is clad in Purbeck stone. Here two contrasting aspects of water are woven seamlessly together: stillness expressed in the reflecting surface, and the flow and movement though the spouts expressing its essential life giving properties.[3]


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By Richard Avery (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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