29th April 1384 - Parliament meets in the Bishop's Palace in the Close

On 29th April 1384 Parliament met in the Bishop’s Palace in the Close. Richard II attended.

Salisburys Bishops Palace - Parliament met here in 1384The occasion is listed in a House of Commons Briefing Paper on ‘Parliaments held away from Westminster[1] as being in April 1384. The only Parliament that assembled in that month is listed on the Wikipedia page as meeting on the 29th of the month[2].

TJ Northey writes that:

Some sensation was felt in connection with this gathering, as among the business which it was thought would be there dealt with was the hearing of a charge, brought by a Carmellite friar, against the Duke of Lancaster, of plotting to murder his majesty and take his place on the throne. Lancaster indignantly repudiated the accusation, and demanded that the friar should be secured in order to substantiate it.

Before this could be done, however, the "holy father" was assasinated - some think for the purpose of preventing him giving damnatory testimony, whilst the other, and perhaps more probable, supposition was that the murder was committed with the view of placing on Lancaster the odium of having caused the death of an awkward witness.

As a matter of fact, it was doubtful whether parliament dealt with the matter at all ; it was perhaps either disposed of before the king in council, or allowed to fall through on the death of the accuser[3].

The building is now the Cathedral School

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