29th April 2003 - Buzzcocks play Salisbury City Hall

Buzzcocks_in_Porto_Alegre,_BrasilOn 29 Apr 2003 Buzzcocks played at the Salisbury City Hall[1]

Pic: By Luiz Alberto Fiebig Junior [tatu] from Porto Alegre, Brasil (BuZZcocks) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

[1] My old chum Ged Babey wrote:

Buzzcocks were good, I had a great night out, but… there is always a but… It hit home just how fast time is passing, our lives are just whizzing by. There is a line in Fawlty Towers when Basil says to himself; “Ffffrrrrrumm.! What was that? That was your life mate. Is that it? Yep.” I felt exactly like that as I was listening to fast-as-a-speeding-bullet versions of ‘What do I get?’, ‘Oh Shit’ and ‘Breakdown’. Three of my favourites from Buzzcocks back catalogue which they played with sloppy precision and a half-arsed but manic Manc pride.

Buzzcocks April/May 2003