2nd March 1984 - Spinal Tap released, featuring small Stonehenge

spinal tap On 2nd March 1984, the film ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ was released.

‘Spinal Tap’ is the name of a fictional rock band, and the film is a ‘mock documentary’ - in the style of the more recent ‘The Office’.

The film features a performance of a song called ‘Stonehenge’, which features a significantly under-sized trilithon.

To revive interest, Tufnel suggests staging a performance of "Stonehenge," an epic song that is to be accompanied in concert by a lavish stage show, and asks Ian to order a giant Stonehenge megalith for the show.

However, Tufnel, rushing a sketch on a napkin, mislabels its dimensions, using a double prime symbol instead of single prime.

The resulting prop, seen for the first time by the group during a show, is only 18 inches high (instead of the intended 18 feet), making the group a laughing stock on stage.

The group accuses Faith of mismanagement, and when St. Hubbins suggests Jeanine should co-manage the group, Faith quits in disgust.[1]


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By Richard Riley from Nottingham, England (More Spinal Tap Bass Players) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons