30th December 1961 - the last film was shown at the old Odeon

101 DalmationsOn the 30th December 1961, the last film was shown at the Odeon Cinema in Fisherton Street[1]. The building is now Salisbury City Hall.

By 1961, the Fisherton Street Odeon was owned by a company called CMA. CMA also owned the Gaumont Palace in the New Canal - the current Salisbury Odeon[2]. Presumably, there was no point having one company operating two cinemas.

The first film to be shown at what was then the ‘New Picture House’ on 23rd September 1937 had been a short Disney film, so it was perhaps fitting that the last film was a Disney feature - the ‘101 Dalmations’.

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[1] The History of Salisbury City Hall, volume 1 : The Cinema Years

[2] The cinema in Endles Street was called ‘The Regal’