30th January 1227 - Henry III signs Salisbury Charter

Henry_III.jpg On this day in 1227, Henry III signed a charter granting rights to hold fairs and markets and build roads and bridges in Salisbury.

A little bit of context might or might not be interesting here:

1092 5th April 1092 - dedication of Cathedral at Old Sarum
1215 15th June 1215 - King John assents to the Magna Carta
1217 7th January 1217 - death of Bishop Poore
1219 29th March 1219 - His Holiness Honorius III authorized the removal of Salisbury Cathedral from Old to New Sarum
1219 26th May 1219 - Bishop consecrates wooden chapel on site of Salisbury Cathedral
1226 10th January 1226 - William Longspee returns to Salisbury
1226 18th July 1226 - bodies of Bishops Jocelin, Roger and Saint Osmund moved to the new Salisbury Cathedral
1227 30th January 1227 - Henry III signs Salisbury Charter

Pic: By anonymous [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons