4th June 1448 - agreement to rebuild Saint Thomas' Church

Devil from Saint Thomas, Salisbury.JPG

On 4th June 1448 the Dean, Chapter and Parishioners agreed to rebuild the chancel of Saint Thomas Church. The chancel and part of a side chapel had collapsed in either 1447 or 1448. The chancel is the bit by the alter[1]

The agreement was:

to make the rofe of the said chancel after the lengthe and brede that was before in the length of the foresaid chancel fourty feete and four ynches. And in brede as those next the north. Wt. the pelers and arches according to the same length in the north side of the said chancel, wt. a cler story above the said aeles north wyndous acordyng to the south side of the said chancel whiche the said parishioners maketh at their cost. And the said chancel rofe made at the coste of the said dean and chapitr shall be covered with lede sufficienthe and in sech maner in brede that the south wall of the said chancel after the forsaid lengthe may be coverd and kept drie. The perpetual reparion of the which rofe aftr the forsaid length and brede with the reparion of the north wall of the same church after the same lengthe above mention shall belong and perteyne to the said dean and chapter to their successors for ever. And the reparion of all the remanent of all this said werke olde and newe with all maner shettyngg and clausure of the forsaid chancel wt. the making of the hye autre and alle that belangyth thereto shall lang and perteyne to the said paresheners and to thaire successors for ever[2].


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The Devil in the Doom Painting in Saint Thomas Church, taken by me, and touched up a little bit with Gimp (a free Photoshop equivalent)